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Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls

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From major champions to amateurs, Callaway's CHROME SOFT Series, a tour-quality ball that supports their play with excellent total performance, has evolved further. Callaway uses n...

From major champions to amateurs, Callaway’s CHROME SOFT Series, a tour-quality ball that supports their play with excellent total performance, has evolved further. Callaway uses new precision technology. This is done by introducing 3D X-ray technology to improve the accuracy of the ball quality control surface, and to manufacture more precisely the core position and size inside the ball, the thickness of the intermediate layer and cover, etc. As a result, we are now able to realize the intended design at a higher level than ever before. In addition, since it is possible to commercialize products with design values close to the upper limit of the rules, variations in initial speed, spin, left-right shake, vertical distance, etc. are also reduced. In the Chrome SOFT ball, the initial ball speed is increased by adopting a single core. Callaway’s unique hex aero network pattern with Tour Aero technology has improved range and approach spin performance.

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15 in stock

Introducing New 3D X-Ray Technology To Confirm Core Position
  • When developing the new chrome soft series, callaway's first focus was on 3d x-ray technology that allows visibility into the inside of the ball. Using this technology, it is possible to confirm whether the ball is being produced according to the design value, and to provide all golfers with highly accurate balls.
  Enables The Production Of High-Precision, High-Quality Balls That Meet The Rules
  • In addition to 3D X-ray technology, Callaway has invested approximately 55.<> billion yen to review its ball manufacturing production facilities and processes. Rules are set for balls regarding symmetry, size, weight, and flight performance, but the introduction of new equipment has improved manufacturing accuracy and reduced production errors, making it possible to produce balls that are closer to the upper limit of these rules than ever before. Of course, the new chrome soft series of balls is made with these new equipment.
  Long Shots And Around The Greens, Performance Improved With New Urethane
  • The CHROME SOFT X LS ball has not changed its 4-piece structure from its predecessor, but has adopted a cover made of new urethane material. This cover improves the initial velocity of the ball on long shots while contributing to improved spinning around the green. In addition, the spin is even suppressed compared to the previous game, and a strong trajectory that is not affected by the wind is realized.
  Hex Aero Network Pattern Introduces Tour Aero Technology
  • The surface of the ball features Callaway's unique Hex Aero Network pattern, which this time incorporates Tour Aero technology. By improving the depth of each hexagon that makes up the pattern compared to the past, aerodynamic performance has further evolved. The CHROME SOFT X LS ball delivers a strong trajectory in the wind, contributing to increased carry.

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