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Callaway Rogue ST LS Men Fairway Wood

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  • Shaft Model: Tensei-55 Golf by Mitsubishi Chemical
  • 1 year (covers face club only)
  • T&C Apply
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LS for low spin, stable strong trajectory, and a neutral trajectory
  • Like drivers, the ROGUE ST fairway wood series is all about speed. The biggest evolution is the AI JAILBREAK ST, which is now installed in the toe and heel part of the head. This extends the range of face deflection compared to conventional blade shapes, and also contributes to improved moment of inertia. The addition of a tungsten speed cartridge and the more optimized FLASH face SS3, now in its third year, achieves an unconventional initial ball velocity. The advanced ROGUE ST LS Fairway Woods have a small head size and a neutral bias. A screwweight is also added to the sole, making the model characterized by high maneuverability and low spin strong trajectory.


  • AI designs each model and loft individually. For optimal spin amount, launch angle, and ball speed


  • JAILBREAK dedicated to newly designed fairway woods. By installing frames on the toe side and heel side and opening the face surface, further ball speed is realized.


  • Considering that many golfers shoot at the bottom of the face, a tungsten weight of about 29 g is installed near the face. Reduce spin and increase ball speed.

Features & Benefits

  • The AI-designed FLASH face SS22 optimizes even the three elements of flight. The ROGUE ST LS Fairway Woods uses the FLASH face SS3 with a face cup structure designed exclusively for this model. The FLASH Face SS22 not only takes into account the increased initial ball velocity and the target golfer's hitting position, as in the past. This time, AI designed and tested a new algorithm that includes the combination of the three elements of flying: spin, launch angle, and initial ball speed. The face has been upgraded to one that is more optimized for each model and target golfer. The face cup is made of C22 maraging steel, a high-strength material that can be thinned and lightened. It contributes to the improvement of the initial ball velocity.
  • WITH AI JAILBREAK ST, THE BIGGEST TOPIC IN THE ROGUE ST FAIRWAY WOOD SERIES THAT FLEXES TO THE EDGE OF THE FACE CUP IS THE INSTALLATION OF AI JAILBREAK ST. The blade shape seen in the conventional JAILBREAK AI velocity blade has evolved into a crescent-like shape. The mounting position has also been changed to the toe heel near the face surface by moving the two sides farther apart. As a result, while maintaining the effect of concentrating energy on the face, it is possible to deflect firmly to the edge of the face cup, maximizing the initial velocity of the ball. Two AI JAILBREAK STs also increase the toe heel moment of inertia, improving head movement stability and resistance to mishits.
  • NEW tungsten speed cartridge is installed in the front, and the ROGUE ST fairway wood series with a low and shallow center of gravity uses a new tungsten speed cartridge that is positioned closer to the face of the sole. If the center of gravity is deepened in the fairway woods, the head may become an upper trajectory or the loft may lie on impact, and you may not be able to meet as you want. Therefore, in the ROGUE ST fairway wood series, unlike drivers with a low and deep center of gravity, the center of gravity is low and shallow. The face makes it easier to catch the ball firmly, so that the initial velocity of the ball can be stable and sufficient. The tungsten speed cartridge also contributes to increasing the ball speed when hit at the bottom of the face.
  • Screw weights are also installed to enable a strong trajectory with low spin. The crown and sole toe sides of the ROGUE ST fairway wood series are made of triaxial carbon. Its high rigidity and extremely light weight create excess weight and promote optimization of the center of gravity. The "ROGUE ST LS Fairway Wood" has a compact head shape with a short front and rear length, high operability, and a neutral bias setting. In addition, a screw weight is mounted just behind the tungsten speed cartridge creating a lower center of gravity model that produces a strong trajectory with low spin. It can be said that it is a characteristic that suits golfers who want to control the ball and players with high swing speed. ROGUE ST LS FAIRWAY WOODS

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 131 cm
Loft°/ Variant

W #3 (15°) (S Flex), W #5 (18°) (S Flex)


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